Visual Design

  • BloomThat

    BloomThat aims to disrupt the way we order fresh flowers. We partner with local, independent florists to create a simple selection of tasteful arrangements and deliver them by bicycle anywhere in San Francisco in under 90 minutes.

    Developed for the mobile generation, we enable our customers to order flowers ‘in the moment’, effectivlely changing the behavior in which flowers are given.

    As Director of Design, I helped the co-founders create a brand strategy.  While also developing the brand identity, design assets, and website that aligns with that strategy.

    View website:

    App Wireframes:

  • Every day our homes are becoming more and more web enabled. As all the appliances and devices in our home are becoming connected, it is becoming harder to keep track and control these gadgets. Smart Home aims to utilize available APIs to build one centralized control panel for the home. The benefit is that everything is easily accessible in one place but it also means devices and appliances will be able to “talk” to each other to provide a better experience and a smarter home.

    View the current user-interface prototype in development.

  • UMU


    Umu is a mobile app to help people share in the experience of caring for others.

    The first phase of the Umu project is to build an app that will allow parents and care-givers to track and share different facets of early childcare, allowing for better communication and trend analysis for those who care for newborn children.

    The second phase will see the Umu framework expanded to disability, elderly, and pet care.

    View the full presentation here: