Legendary Furniture

Recognizing that 9 million tons of furniture is added to our landfills every year, Legendary is targeting a primary source of this disposal: movers. Americans move an average of 9 times between the ages of 21-45.This is also a time of self discovery and independence. Young professionals are looking to establish themselves and a particular lifestyle.

With rising purchasing power, they are a powerful force in the furniture consumption market. However, recognizing that they are not in permanent situations, they often resort to poorly made furniture with a short lifespan.These consumers know all to well that second hand markets such as Craigslist often provide no greater than a 50% return on quality second-hand furniture. Legendary addresses this problem through quality built furniture, design to be moved, re-used and refurbished for an infinite number of owners and a service model that makes take-back convenient and economically comparable to the alternatives in the market place.

The Vision

We want to reduce furniture waste by creating a solution that would allow for furniture to be used again and again. We realized, however, for this to happen, the furniture would have to be repaired, recycled or repurposed. This would be Legendary’s role.

Yet, for furniture to be designed in a way that would allow the furniture to be easily repaired there would have to be a set of strict design principals from Legendary that the industry would adopt. Having the option to sell back used furniture appeals to consumers.

To develop the initial business model and design principles, however, we would start by offering our own line of Legendary furniture along with the expectation that when

customers wanted to change their furniture they could sell it back to Legendary.


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Project Details

Date: Spring 2011

Class: Sustainability

Group Size: 5

Contributed to: Primary Research (Interviews), Graphics, Report Design, Writing, Concept Development, Ideation, Project Presentation