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  • UMU


    Umu is a mobile app to help people share in the experience of caring for others.

    The first phase of the Umu project is to build an app that will allow parents and care-givers to track and share different facets of early childcare, allowing for better communication and trend analysis for those who care for newborn children.

    The second phase will see the Umu framework expanded to disability, elderly, and pet care.

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  • Pique


    Pique, the unique you.

    Our Experiences class project began by exploring ways in which humans connect, engage and communicate with each other. We began with an open lens and considered a wide range of topics, with a lengthy research phase that began quite broad before narrowing. The consistent element throughout was a focus on developing a means for empathic communication. We indirectly wanted to address empathy and emotional intelligence through unassuming channels and touch points that would inspire maximum engagement and deep impact—while supporting our core meanings of Harmony, Community and Validation.

    In short, we developed a solution that is simple and smart in how it supports these core meanings and addresses our primary goal. It’s not a shockingly new idea or a wild design, but a beautifully meaningful product with the potential for truly impactful engagement.

    Pique exists to provide high school students with a means for self expression, growth and connection. In so doing it delivers validation, community and harmony. Toward that end it offers a fun, collaborative, simple and stimulating platform for students to publicly showcase their hobbies and passions, discover new ones, and connect with peers.


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    Project Details

    Date: Fall 2011

    Class: Experience Studio

    Group Size: 4

    Contributed to: Primary Research (Interviews), Graphics, Writing, Concept Development, Ideation, Project Presentation, video production and editing